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6 month old wakes all night

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seansgirlxx Sat 15-Nov-14 06:12:30

When my youngest Daughter was 3 mi ths old she was sleeping for 10 hours, we thought we had hit the jackpot! �� however this last month her sleepin has got terrible...
She's in her own room, has been since 3 months. She goes to bed awake at 7 after her bottle and is asleep by half past(settles herself) so getting her to sleep is the easy part. She will first wake up at around 11pm, doesn't want feeding changing, cuddling or anything, she doesn't cry as such just whinges and flaps about, she is usually still half asleep so I pop her dummy in and she usually goes straight back to sleep. After this she wakes up every 1-2 hours but once again goes to sleep if you replace her dummy or give her a kiss. I know the reason is probably down to the dummy but until the last 2 weeks she never really had her dummy, she goes to sleep at bedtime with out it, just through the night seems to want it. She does also sometimes wake and the dummy is still in, so I can't help but think there's another reason.
We wake up at 6am when she has a bottle, she has 3 sleeps in the day 2 30 minute naps & a bigger 1-2 hour nap at around 1pm.(both naps are downstairs in her bouncer.

.I have tried ashton & parsons
& calgel Incase she was teething.
.She got weaned at 12 weeks(doctors orders) as she couldn't swallow liquids which were unthickened with Carobel, so I don't think its hunger as she doesn't take a bottle in the night if it's offered.
.I have tried swaddling her & she sleeps in a sleeping bag with added blankets if it's cold, I've removed layers incase she was too warm.
.She has a comforter teddy bear thing, but apart from that no toys in her cot.
.She sleeps in the dark.

She is such a happy little baby and apart from sleeping she is perfect in every way and hardly even cries.
I really am fresh out of ideas at what I can do. Any ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated.

icklekid Sat 15-Nov-14 06:20:10

So the problem is waking every 1-2h even though she is easy to settle? My 4month ds is very similar. Sometimes he will settle himself (sucks hand) sometimes needs dummy put back in. He was sleeping better but since started teething he's waking more. I'm just greatful if/when he goes back to sleep. We've had 3am starts because he is wide awake for 2h...anyway I don't think there is much you can do except know it won't last forever. I also know people whose babies sleep is much worse (and whose babies are older!) Sorry not much help...

seansgirlxx Sat 15-Nov-14 06:28:14

Yes just seems like I'm awake all night because by the time I go back to sleep she's awake again. I think I'm putting it down to teething, my first who is 7 now never had problems with her teeth although it seems strange to say she got her teeth early and they beer seemed to bother her. I suppose we should be glad that they settle themselves. We have been on the 4am starts for the last week, not as nice to do in the winter! Lol! Thank you for your reply, glad it's not just my little brooke doing it.

badfurday Sat 15-Nov-14 08:38:35

Could have written that myself!!
Mine was up at 11.30, 4,5 and finally at 6 I gave in and put her in with us and she slept deeply until 8am.
I'm putting it down to getting used to her own room. She only wakes for her dummy. I'm sure she was never like this when she was in with us.
My daughter has the same nap pattern as yours too. I did think about trying to drop a nap but she just gets too tired.
I'm sure it will all get better! I feel your pain! confused

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