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2 year old refusing move to bed

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babyblabber Fri 14-Nov-14 21:34:13

DS climbed out of his cot and moved to a bed just after turning two with no problems. DD is nearly 2.5 and new baby is due in January.

I really want her moved and settled before baby comes for her own sake and so that I can get the baby's room ready (baby won't be sleeping there at first but I need the room for all the baby stuff, nappy changes etc and would like the option of moving the baby in at around 3 months).

So we got bunk beds, did up the room, got lovely duvet covers etc and thought she'd love sharing with her brother and having a big bed. Went great for 5 nights but last week and a half she gets into the bed but eventually gets out and asks for her cot! I even spent a fortune getting bunk curtains that turned her bed into a castle, she loves it but still wants the cot when it's time to sleep! Have tried reward charts, treats, seperate bedtimes etc to no avail.

Any ideas?!! House is tiny so really no where else for baby stuff and am getting worried!

Momagain1 Fri 14-Nov-14 21:42:25

It is so much easier when you can just convince them, but this may be a time to simply say 'no'. Remind her 'This is your bed now, in here with brother. That's the old bed. You are too big for it.'

Dont say it is the baby bed, or the baby's bed. Concentrate on what IS, don't involve the baby.

Is brother big enough to tell her how much he would miss her if she was in the other room, in the old bed?

It would be a right pain, but you could also dismantle the cot until it is actually needed, especially if the new baby will be in your room at first.

ContentedSidewinder Sat 15-Nov-14 08:46:29

I second dismantling the cot if you can, she can still see it so it is a reminder of what she can't have.

Apart from that, it may be an attention thing if she is getting a lot of you talking to her about it at bedtime.

I would be very matter of fact, no cajoling, just this is your bed now and this is where you sleep. Then leave the matter. If she keeps on and on, just repeat one phrase over and over, this is your bed and it is time for sleep or something like that.

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