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20 week old DS hates sleep!

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tabbycat28 Fri 14-Nov-14 12:16:49

DS has never been a good sleeper - we've been reluctantly co-sleeping for most of the night since he was born and I've always had to rock him to get him to sleep.

However, he has now worked out that being rocked means that I am trying to put him to sleep and cries furiously every time anyone tries. He won't self-settle in his cot, as soon as he is put in there he cries furiously too. We have tried a dummy, a light show on his cot, putting him down earlier, waiting until he is extremely tired, his bouncy chair, rocking him in his cot, giving him something to cuddle and nothing works.

My husband works long hours and this whole napping problem is really getting me down. I've been trying to get him to sleep for almost an hour now, and he's just been crying the whole time. He has bags under his eyes, keeps yawning & rubbing his eyes but just gets angry as soon as I try to settle him. The only way he has gone to sleep in the past few days has been crying it out with me rocking him, which is obviously not good.

Any ideas greatly appreciated smile

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