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i need sleeeeeeeppppp! ��

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MrsTrin Fri 14-Nov-14 11:49:33

So, my 7 month old daughter was a pretty good sleeper, always went down around 6, dream feed at 10, then sometimes another around 2-3, but not always. Sometimes she'd go till 5. However, around 2 weeks ago she came down with a heavy cold/cough and, as to be expected was unsettled and didn't really sleep much at all. Now she is better, but all sleep is still out the window. She has almost become afraid of her cot and screams the minute we go near it! Bedtime at 6pm seems ok, she'll sleep till about 9-10, but the dream feed is no longer a "dream" feed as she is wide awake. Our record has seen us through from 10-2:30, battling to get her back to sleep. It seems the only thing that gets her back to sleep is to pick her up & rock her, which is fine, but the minute she's put back down, the back arches and she's off again. On the rare occassion she stays asleep, it is short lived - 15 minutes usually before we have to start all over again. I'm at a loss with what to do, as before, she slept fine with no "training" at all. things are made worse as we have a 2 yr old in the next bedroom who is also disturbed, then up & down too! Needless to say, the whole house is miserable! Any tips or suggestions appreciated.

- am not opposed to CIO but won't work at 2am in our house with 2 other kids.

- she's already crawling, so pretty sure it's not down to a development milestone

- she has 2 teeth, which came through with no fuss, have checked and can't see any more action yet, but do use the bonjela etc.
Sorry for long post!!


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