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Afternoon nap query

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tintinenamerique Thu 13-Nov-14 19:19:27

My almost-6-month-old is really good with his naps, going down well generally 2 hours since he last woke. He tends to go down at about 3.30/4 for an afternoon nap in the hope that he'll wake at 4.30 ready for bed at about 6.30. However he seems to want to carry on sleeping - I have no idea when he'd wake up of his own accord and how this would impact the night as I wake him at 5ish - he's then very very unhappy but goes to bed fine between 6.30 and 7. I feel like I getting this nap wrong somehow and would love any advice on how to 'fix' it - especially if it would help solve the early waking issue (4/5am). Thanks.

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