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Returning Baby To Sleep After Night Feed

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sophie12321 Tue 11-Nov-14 09:08:20

Does anyone have any tips on helping my baby sleep after her night feed? She's just turned 3 months and started to sleep through the night now and then, however, when she does wake she takes ages to go back to sleep after her bottle.
She used to take about 15 minutes but last night was a wake for nearly 1 & half hours! She seems to smile and make all her happy noises before getting all tired again and moany!

Gavlarrr Thu 13-Nov-14 22:21:05

What are you doing when she wakes up? Do you keep lights low no talking etc?

sophie12321 Fri 14-Nov-14 07:00:30

Well I had been leaving her night light on but last 3 nights I've turned it off so it's really dark and she's gone off to sleep no problem!! ������

Gavlarrr Sun 16-Nov-14 09:27:19

I think it's all just trial and error smilesmile

Redling Tue 18-Nov-14 05:39:20

I make sure it's dark as possible and don't talk to him, pick up and put over shoulder and gentle patting to get a burp. I also try not to change him until early hours, bigger and more absorbent night nappies and praying for no poo as a poo means wakey time when I change him! I then start Ewan the Sheep and lower him into cot and he now is asleep. He's become very good the last two weeks, I don't change anything I do at night so he knows what's expected! The 5am feed is the worst as it's perilously close to morning and I get some wiggling, grinning and cooing which I try not to acknowledge too much! Back over the shoulder for a shush usually does it! If he's being particularly tricky then I sit against the headboard and hold him on my chest.

icklekid Tue 18-Nov-14 05:49:32

redling jealous of 5am feed and back to sleep. We have wide awake and giggling at 4am feed then at least an hour before back to sleep sad yawn

sophie12321 Tue 18-Nov-14 08:03:06

Thanks for your messages. I keep the night light off now and she gets herself back to sleep within 10 minutes and doesn't wake until 7am at earliest!! :-)

Redling Tue 18-Nov-14 14:54:48

4-5am is definitely dodgy territory icklekid, it's worse if he's had a bad afternoon for naps and I've had to put him to bed at 7 instead of 8, he has a fearsomely accurate internal body clock and he will just do everything after that an hour earlier, no fooling him!

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