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How can I get her to nap in cot?

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puddleduck16 Mon 10-Nov-14 21:48:01

Night times aren't great but they're not bad. 9mo won't go down in cot but grew out of needing to feed to sleep at 6mo so she either is paced around the room and then put in cot or allowed to fall asleep herself on the big bed and then moved into cot. If we put into cot whilst she's awake she will scream blue murder.

Naps are different. She has to be fed to sleep ( has quite literally only fallen asleep in her pram/buggy a handful of times in her life). Again putting her down in cot awake results in screaming. My problem lies in that naps are clearly only a light sleep and she won't be moved without her waking up. So I just sit on the sofa until she wakes. When she was little I made the most of snuggles, but now I really need to have time to clean the house, cook etc.

I've tried no cry sleep (what a useless book for us!!), gradual retreat never even got her to sleep once with me next to cot. Shush pat and pupd only angers her even more. I'm not keen to cc. She has a nap time blanket and fav toy, but without boob she will just fight sleep.

Any suggestions as to anything I haven't tried?

Quitelikely Mon 10-Nov-14 21:53:51

Not an answer you want to hear but with my son I did this:

Put in cot, left for five minutes, put in soother, and blanket, said shhh

Went back after 15 minutes and repeat.

I know it's hard but seriously it was worth it.

They need that sleep and you need your sanity.

I genuinely believe it's caused him no damage at all! You aren't hurting her just coaxing her to change where she likes to sleep

Remembermyname Mon 10-Nov-14 21:57:20

I struggled to get my dd to nap in her cot (though was ff) and used to end up going to bed with her. I read on here someone saying their dc 'got' napping at 8 months, and so kept persevering putting her in her cot. At 9,5 months she just started sleeping 1.5hrs on her own

Remembermyname Mon 10-Nov-14 22:00:33

Sorry - to be clear, I used to pace the room until she fell asleep then put her in her cot. Now I still need to stay till she falls asleep, but she's in her cot.
Since she's been on 1 nap (she's 18 months now) she falls asleep In seconds. Her night sleeping has deteriorated though - you can't have it all!!

puddleduck16 Mon 10-Nov-14 22:01:55

Quite likely, In my heart I knew the only answer was tough love. Why isn't there a magic cure??!!!

Remember my name, good to hear of someone else in the same boat.

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