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Settling to sleep - 4 month old

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Babybaby1982 Mon 10-Nov-14 10:04:08

Hi all, looking for some advice as we're still struggling to settle our 4 month old to sleep in his cot, especially after night feeds. We have a good night time routine and he goes down drowsey and fairly easily at night (I think because he's so tired), will often just need dummy for a few mins and then he sleeps. It's more after a night feed, he will fall asleep on me after feeding but will ping awake as soon as he's put down. Dummy generally doesn't work then, it seems like he's just not tired enough to go to sleep like he does at the start of the night.
I've never left him to cry and always settle him but it can sometimes take a night feed to 2 hours and sometimes I end up holding him for the sleep, if it's early morning and almost time to get up, say 5am-7am.

Has anyone got any ideas to help him learn to settle himself?

Cerealaddict Mon 10-Nov-14 21:35:18

Warm up sheets/blankets/sleeping bag? Might help with the sudden ping awake

Quitelikely Mon 10-Nov-14 21:38:51

If he is ff is his milk warm enough? Are the lights low enough?

Babybaby1982 Tue 11-Nov-14 08:09:27

He's in a grow bag and I never turn the lights on. He usually does a good stretch of sleep before he wakes so seems he isn't really tired enough to go back down but is obviously still sleepy.

sophie12321 Tue 11-Nov-14 09:22:06


I'm having the same thing with my 3 month old! We also have a good night time routine and she goes off to sleep fine. She has started to sleep through now and then but when she does wake, it's all of a sudden started to take ages to return to sleep! I'm not sure if you have a Seahorse toy? it has been great up till now with helping her drift off and it still settles her now just not quite cutting it! If you have any luck, please let me know!!! smile

Babybaby1982 Tue 11-Nov-14 10:09:02

Glad we're not alone! Same here, he does sometimes sleep though but when he does wake I dread it as I know I might not make it back to bed haha!

NerdyBird Tue 11-Nov-14 10:44:48

I'm having a similar problem, if I put DD back in her crib after a feed she'll wake up and want feeding again till she goes to sleep but then the same thing happens so I end up letting her sleep in our bed. DP says I 'just' need to rock her a bit but he's not the one doing it in the middle of the night. Not sure if I've anything to suggest really, swaddling used to work but she can get out of that now!

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