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youaremychocolatecake Mon 10-Nov-14 03:33:09

My baby is 12 months, I've been ready to stop breastfeeding for aeound 6 months, he hasn't.

I've pretty much stopped feeding in the day but all this has done is increased night feeds.

He currently wakes wvery 1-2 hours and wants breastfeedinf back to sleep, however not content with this he wants to suckle all night meaning I don't get any sleep. If I try and get him back in his cot, all hell breaks loose and we have 2 hours of screaming/feeding/picking up/putting down. It's all a big mess!

I have a 5 year old too and his sleep is being disturbed. My partner isn't very supportive and just thinks it's all my fault for breastfeeding so long (I know!) so getting him to help isn't an option.

I'm so exhausted I've actually started to feel ill. I keep crying, I'm grinding my teeth and clenching mt jaw in my sleep, I've recently returned to work and just feel wrung out.

An Indian mum at the school recommended I try aloe vera and run it on the breasts to get him to stop as they don't like the taste. He doesn't care!!

I really feel like I just need to stop breastfeeding. I've started to resent each feed and that can't be good for me or him.

My question is, how? Do I just go cold turkey at this point? How long will it take? Etc. He has never accepted formula and will drink a tiny amount of cows milk from a cup with food but not if tired, Etc

I hope someone has some advice for me, feel miserable sad

Lovetheleaves Mon 10-Nov-14 21:40:27

I read your post this morning but had no advice to give you but I just felt bad you had no replies so hopefully someone might post something constructive this evening for you.
I only bf for a few weeks due to an infection so switched to bottles quickly . I then bottle fed the other dc.
I know your dp is not supporting you but would he try your ds on a bottle feed tonight do you think?

Lovetheleaves Mon 10-Nov-14 21:42:21

I meant to say a bottle feed with expressed milk if he won't take formula. Is he getting enough solids during the day also. He might be hungry going to bed.

Quitelikely Mon 10-Nov-14 21:43:40

If you want to stop at night tell your dh to go in and see him. This isn't just your baby it's his responsibility too. No reason why you should be a walking zombie when you have a dh in the house too.

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