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PU/PD VS CC or other method

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emilykatesmum Wed 14-Apr-04 12:11:09

i hsve a one yr old daughter who has slept through only a handful of times.

She has three meals a day and usually has her milk before her naps (though i've recently cut this out in the morning by giving her snacks)

She has always had the same bedtime routine since she was 4mths and she has NEVER fallen to sleep on her b bottle since then

She falls to sleep by herself but sometimes i have to rub her back if she's REALLY tired. But i make sure she doesn't actually fall to sleep while i'm doing this!!

She usually wakes after 5-6hrs i want to cut her bottle that she has when she wakes after this.

I didn't want to try CC as she loves me being there and don't wanna ruin our relationship

DOES PU/PD really work#?

any other ideas?

aloha Wed 14-Apr-04 12:35:13

Don't know about PU/PD but I do *know* that cc does NOT 'ruin your relationship' - please don't worry about that. I did it with ds and he's the most loving, adoring child in the world. Lots of hugs, kisses and 'You're my beautiful lady' comments. I do think you should cut out the bottle before you try anything though. That means comforting her back to sleep without it as she will be hungry but only through habit. Once she isn't drinking milk in the night, then do either cc or any other method. Of course she loves you being there, but as you clearly give her lots of love and affection during the day, she doesn't need you there, and you do need your sleep.

twiglett Wed 14-Apr-04 21:09:10

message withdrawn

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