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Babymoov cosysleep

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taybert Sat 08-Nov-14 15:37:10

I'm struggling with my 5 week old who seems "colicky" and is not settling in the crib. It's particularly bad at the moment as he's got a bit of a cold and is snuffly but it wasn't great before. He ended up sleeping in the bouncy chair last night which I'm not really happy about but it was that or have him sleep on me and risk him falling or getting squashed in my exhausted state. We've tried planned co sleeping but it doesn't really work for us.

I've seen the sleepyhead and cocconababy get really good reviews but they are so expensive and we've already spent a lot on a bednest. If they work I'm happy to spend the money but since I don't know until I've bought it and it can't be returned it seems like a lot of money to risk.

I just wondered if anyone had used the babymoov cosysleep? It seems like a similar idea and looks as if it would put him propped up but with his legs a bit raised which he seems to find comfortable. I'd be grateful to hear of any experiences.


P.S also feel free to tell me I need to ride it out and throwing money at "solutions" won't help!

Bruce2605 Tue 12-Jul-16 18:53:01

Really interested in what people think too, just preparing for new arrival

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