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settling a baby to sleep

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raravic Fri 07-Nov-14 19:53:56

My 6 month old daughter always used to fall asleep on her bottle but is now refusing to and just cries when she's finished her bottle and I put her in her cot. Any ideas?

mummy2pickle Fri 07-Nov-14 22:01:57

I had similar with my dd. She's now 7 months, I either had to feed her to sleep or when that didn't work rock her until asleep to be able to put her in cot otherwise she'd just scream. We have found having a strict routine amazing. We do exactly the same every night. Now we feed her half hour before bed whilst she's watching in night garden, so I know she'll stay awake. We go upstairs when prompt finishes saying goodnight to daddy first. Then I rock her whilst singing 3 nursery rhymes and she goes to cot. She doesn't settle straight away and will cry but after 10 minutes I'll go in stroke her back and she will go to sleep. Dd Ihas always been a rubbish sleeper and still is but routine has made going to bed easier. She knows exactly what coming next. Hope sharing my positive experience might help a little. Trust me dd is not a good baby and doesn't normally cooperate with anything so sharing something positive is a surprise

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