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new Groclock can't get it to work right help!!

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Sleepysheepsleeping Thu 06-Nov-14 05:57:02

I am really frustrated with the groclock I bought 2 days ago. I have set the time, it is plugged in, we read the book, I set the little star (not the sun) wake up time and did the little star flashy goodbye sun thing. Girls went to bed, stars there. Yesterday my eldest said when she woke up the clock just said the time, they were so excited about waiting for the sun that they got up before 6am. This morning I stuck my head in just now to check it was working and the bloody thing is not showing any stars, it looked as it was on the energy saving setting, grey face just digital clock showing. Just reset it before they wake up but no idea if the sodding sun is going to come up at the right time. Help me before i throw it put the window!!

cosmicgirl99 Thu 06-Nov-14 06:00:53

Did you lock the display (hold the down button until the star winks after you've done the goodbye sun bit) if not then if your girls pressed any buttons after bedtime that could be the answer. Everything you've done sounds right otherwise. Good luck.

Sleepysheepsleeping Thu 06-Nov-14 06:42:13

Thanks - I will try locking the clock tonight. DD1 promised that she had not touched it night before last but I was so sure she'd been messing with it I was v strict about not touching it last night! DD2 can't reach it. Luckily I was up early with the baby today and managed to sneak in and reset it this before they woke so Dd2 has just got up really happy her clock is sunny

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