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Co-sleeping to cot

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PretzelPrincess Tue 04-Nov-14 23:20:40

DS 8 months has been co sleeping with us since about 3 months.
I've recently found out in pregnant so would like him to start sleeping in his cot. He moves around loads and I know as I get bigger he will just annoy me more.
Sooo any tips on how to do this? Do I just start putting him in his cot and hope he stays there? Also what kind of blanket/duvet/grow bag should I use? He's been in our bed so has never needed loads of layers/padding.

boopdoop Wed 05-Nov-14 23:54:22

We went from co sleeping to him going into his cot at 6 months, coinciding with a bit of sleep training as had been feeding to sleep but he got 6 teeth, so that had to stop! We just did the move one night, and it was ok. We had tears due to not feeding to sleep but he sleeps so much better now he's in the cot., and sis from night one really. I hardly slept the first night as it felt really strange, but it was nice to get my bed back!

He doesn't love grobags so we just pop 2 blankets on him, a third thin one if it's really cold- but would do grobag if I could. Check this out for layers and what to wear -

Hope that helps.

PretzelPrincess Thu 06-Nov-14 12:09:05

Thanks for the info! We made the move a couple of nights ago and it has been easier than expected! He has ended up back in the bed in the middle of the night because were still breastfeeding but I'm ok with that.
I was expecting more resistance tbh but it's not been to bad. I do think he sleeps better on his own as he has more room to move and won't be disturbed by us moving. Same here, I don't get woken up by kicking in the middle of the night!
Now just need to get him to sleep through the night...

boopdoop Thu 06-Nov-14 22:24:29

Ah glad it went ok!

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