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Any Zipadee-Zip owners out there?

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lovemakespeace Mon 03-Nov-14 18:04:38


I am thinking about weaning my little DD from the swaddle. I used a Zipadee-Zip with my son which worked well - I had two but they were a casualty of our house move (sure the charity shop who got them by accident really appreciated those plus other random things to help babies sleep!!). It's a lot of money to buy some more sad

Does anyone have a size SMALL that they wouldn't mind measuring for me? I would love to know the "wing span", the narrow width in the middle, the bottom width, the total length and the vertical distance from the tip of the wings to the collar if you didn't mind. Bet my mum can help me out ;)

Many thanks if anyone can help. You could PM the measurements if you prefer.


lovemakespeace Tue 04-Nov-14 06:47:44

No worries have solved this!

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