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Help soothing a breastfed baby!!

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Jemima1988 Mon 03-Nov-14 17:28:46

I have a 5 week old baby who will only settle on my chest.
I've tried dummies he wont have them once he realises he idnt getting milk from them and I've tried letting him cry but it doesn't work.
I'm too scared 2 ask the midwife for help because they will go mad about him sleeping with me
I'm at my wits end any suggestions

hollie84 Mon 03-Nov-14 17:30:16

Will he settle next to you if you feed lying down?

Thehedgehogsong Mon 03-Nov-14 17:32:12

Feed him smile even if you just fed him, lots of time with you and being fed will cheer him up!

co-sleeping is perfect for breastfed babies! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

AnythingNotEverything Mon 03-Nov-14 17:39:53

I agree - feed him. And safe, planned cosleeping is fine.

Discobugsacha Mon 03-Nov-14 17:41:53

Yup, breastfeed him, and co-sleeping is lovely. Was the only way mine would settle!

Bixby Mon 03-Nov-14 18:07:46

Mine too. Was really paranoid with my first and ended up introducing a bottle much earlier than I wanted. My second is boob all the way and a happy little chap xx

ElphabaTheGreen Mon 03-Nov-14 21:07:28

If your midwife 'goes mad' then she's a fool who hasn't read the advice issued by UNICEF on safe co-sleeping in order to support breastfeeding.

Please don't leave your 5 week old baby to cry sad He was in you for nine months so he needs a nice, long, supported transition into the outside world. Learn to feed lying down so you don't have to move him once he's asleep, then gradually move yourself slightly further away during sleep, and he'll start feeling secure enough to sleep a bit further away from you, but he needs that support of you being close now.

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