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22 month old waking every night for hours

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bonst7 Sun 02-Nov-14 02:48:45

What a nightmare i am having at the minute!!
My lg is 22 months old and has always been a nightmare for bedtime. We did controlled cryint at the beginning of the year it took 3 days and worked a treat. Anyway the neighbours had a party one night months later it didnt run till to late but it woke her ever since this we have gone back to before..
Her bedtime routine is bath book and bed. Sometimes she goes off when were reading other nights we have to stand at the door until she goes. Somenights its 5 minutes the other night it was 3 hours!!! So not only are we having problems at bedtime. She going down and then waking every night at 1.40 and can be up for upto 3 hours. Weve been sitting with her, stroking her head. Weve even on some occasions given in and got into bed with her. Well tonight ivr had it, im currently lay in bed and ive left her to cry! This is so hard but for a over a week ivr been a walking zombie and shes gotta realise getting up in the night is not good.
I have a 8 week old son who sleeps thru and tonight shes woke him so not only am is her dad up trying to sort her im up with a baby. Were both tired and taking it out on each other the next day!

Any advice on what i can do that may help please say! Im about ready to just cry! Thanks

merlehaggard Sun 02-Nov-14 03:11:13

Hi, I'm awake too but for different reasons! I know how horrible night waking is though but we are thankfully over it with my youngest being nearly 4. How well is she able to understand what you say to her? With my middle daughter, when she was 2, I decided I had had enough and got determined. The next day explained to her that every time she came in my room, I was simply going to take her back to her room and that at night time she slept in her bed and stressed that point during the day. I don't remember her coming in again after that. With my son, at just 2, he seemed a lot younger and he was 3 before he really understood it just be reasoning alone. We also bought him a grow clock I think it is great, and it ensures that he doesn't come in our room until 7am. I make it perfectly clear to my kids that I don't want to see them in the night unless they are feeling at all unwell, and then they are very welcome.

However, at not quite 2, you will probably have to just keep marching your daughter back to bed until she gets the message. I would reinforce this with talk during the day about how she must stay in her own bed, a sticker chart etc. But definitely get tough and be consistent. I think if you are, in my experience 3 nights solves everything. Finally, make sure that she has a night light, so you know she isn't scared, keep her door open, whatever makes her happy but also consider a child gate on her door. I hope you get it sorted soon. In any event, this things do not last for ever! They just feel like they will.

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