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Teething or something else?

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mummaduke Sat 01-Nov-14 00:01:22

DS is just over11 months, almost a year old...

Was a nightmare sleeper for the first 5 months, but since then, has mostly slept 7pm-5.30/6am, which we have accepted and thought ourselves quite lucky.

In the last two weeks, this seems to have gone out if the window. He is waking up numerous times a night, distressed and crying out. He can only be soothed by being held close. He'll drift off like this, but screams the second I put him back in the cot.

He had previously been a dream settling himself.

The same is now happening for daytime naps too.

He has also taken to waking for the day between 4 and 5am. Could be the clocks changing, but he is going to bed as normal at 7pm.

Some background:

He is definitely teething, not eating much the last few days, but still having his milk.

I am routinely giving him teething granules, bonjela, and often calpol too before bed.

He started nursery 2 months ago, and I wonder if he has got used to communal sleeping, and is possibly waking up frightened?

Any ideas anyone? DH and I starting to look and feel as shattered as the early newborn days again.

Any positive stories? I'm hoping it's just teeth, or a short lived regression??

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