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Does anyone have a toddler that bangs themselves in the night?

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Superworm Thu 30-Oct-14 23:58:49

DS does this all the time. He has always been a terrible sleeper and baby sitters/friends have often commented on how unusual it is. It's not just the occasional knock but to the point people are surprised the noise it's coming from our house. He thrashes around to the point of waking himself and us up.

I read on here somewhere it has a name and is a 'thing' but I have no idea what it is called....

Madallie Fri 31-Oct-14 14:07:37

Hi super worm, dd is almost 3 and yes she does do this and has done since before I years old. She goes through phases when it is worse than others. She's does it to get off to sleep and when she wakes in the night. When we have visitors at night/nap time (when she had one) they couldn't believe she was making that noise. It's keeps us all awake at night at times sad.

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