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Unsettled since moving to big bed!

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JulieR1976 Thu 30-Oct-14 21:36:34


Our DD, who's 2.5 moved into her big girl bed 8 weeks ago because she suddenly hated her cot and started to climb out. We went shopping together and she chose the bed and the bedding. She loves her room and her new bed but her sleep pattern has hone out of the window! She keeps getting up after we've put her down for the night and 99% of the time wakes in the middle of the night and wanders in to us. We're consistent in walking her back and she does go with very little fuss but the constant broken sleep has us all shattered. Everything I've read so far indicates this phase will pass but it certainly doesn't seem anywhere near passing! Previously she was a 7pm until 7am girl but now she's literally all over the place and she is tired. How long can i expect this to last? I dread bedtime! Thanks xx

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