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2 year old suddenly horrible sleep problems

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Izabelblue Thu 30-Oct-14 14:49:00

Any help greatly appreciated!!! Until just a few weeks ago I was that mother assuring new parents with newborns that it will get better and that eventually you'll have lots of lovely sleep again...

Until my just-turned-2 DD started struggling. For the past three weeks she has either

a) resisted going to bed to begin with, waking at half-hour intervals for 'more stories' until around 9:30pm (bedtime 7:20ish)
b) woken up in the middle of the night and screamed until we've taken her into our bed
c) woken up around 5am and not gone back down to sleep (might be also due to clocks changing)

We are both now completely exhausted and struggling at work etc - DD isn't very happy either and is tired and demanding all the time. Doing CC or that thing of returning to check up on her isn't really an option because we are in a block of flats and she screams hysterically (and her mummy is a big softy who cries when she cries)

Right now I am accepting co-sleeping as the 'least worst' option though it means I'm in the bed with snuffly DD and poor old DH gets shunted to the sofa.

Anyone else been through this with a 2 year old? I just need to hear the magic words 'this too shall pass'....

slightlyconfused85 Thu 30-Oct-14 21:54:22

is she getting her back molars? My DD is a few days away from 2 and although is sleeping well most of the time (and always has) she has had a few difficult nights. I realised that she now has her bottom 2 year molars which can account for the bad patch. I feel really bad I didn't even think of it so didn't give her any medicines :-( Worth a check and/or some calpol action?

Izabelblue Fri 31-Oct-14 16:27:21

Thank you confused! I think it may well have started off with teething and sniffles and perhaps the teeth are still bothering her: calpol ahoy!

Believe it or not after posting yesterday we actually had a good night so perhaps ranting to mumsnet is the answer..

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