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Am I doing this wrong :/

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Sarah2013mum Mon 13-Oct-14 23:46:11

Hi this is my first message on the baby threads. Here's my questions!
My lb is 6 weeks old tomorrow. he's my 4th lo so u would think I'd got this down to a fine art :/ anyway currently he comes up to bed with me when I go up. Usually around 10.30pm. I take him up feed him and he sleeps in his cot til around 2 am. Feed again then usually up around 6 am. The thing is I can't remember when I'm supposed to be taking him to bed earlier in the evening? I'm in no rush to put him to bed before I go up but I keep hearing the usual " ur making a rod for your own back letting him stay downstairs until u go to bed " or he's nearly 6 weeks now he should be going up to bed earlier " from apparently well intentioned people! :/ is this so? At 6 weeks is it the norm to start taking them up to bed at say 8 PM or even earlier? I'm confused.
My last child is nearly 4 but I just can't remember what I did with her and at what age. I'm not going to lie I enjoy sitting and cuddling and talking to my lb in the evenings when my other 3 are in bed.
Maybe I'm being ridiculous but at the minute I can't imagine taking him to bed at say 8 and leaving him there.
I understand the importance of routines and am lucky enough that bar my first lb born 10 years ago they have been good sleepers in general. ( 3 older children are all upstairs and in bed by 7.30-8.00pm But routines can go out the window occasionally as my 2nd daughter has cerebral palsy and chronic lung disease and is often poorly. (Never Co sleep, illness in night warrants a sofa duty)
Any advice or maybe I'm just hoping someone will come along and verify that im not completely going wrong with this! But any advice would be lovely!

SellMySoulForSomeSleep Tue 14-Oct-14 00:54:37

I don't know any better. I've only got the one so am making it up as I go along but I thought you shouldn't let them sleep alone before they are 6months? So I just take my DD with me when I go to bed.

Sarah2013mum Tue 14-Oct-14 02:50:02

I'm pretty sure the 6 month rule applies to keeping their cot/crib in your room with you hun. Or I at least had them in with me for this amount. I do remember my last LG going bed before me before 6 months old and i had monitors just on. not sure approx when. but again this is all personal choice I guess

Redling Tue 14-Oct-14 08:01:36

6 months for baby sleeping in the room with parent but you can put them up to bed earlier then you when they seem to need an earlier bedtime (or if you are a routine person). My DS is 8 weeks and we are thinking about putting him to bed 8/9 but only because he is regularly sleeping then and we wake him up when we take him to bed, so I want to see if he would sleep longer if not disturbed, last night he didn't wake when we moved him and slept until 1.30. If it doesn't work, and he cries and wakes up a lot, I'm probably going to wait a few weeks and then try again, rather than force the issue. Be led by the baby I guess, if DS falls asleep at random times in the evening then there's no point putting him to bed in my opinion. I want to keep him with me a lot and I'm not sure I'm going to have another baby so I want to enjoy his baby time, not wish it away to get him sleeping, so I am inclined to go with the flow and see what he wants, if that means I get cuddles until 10pm for now I'm happy smile

scottygirl5 Thu 30-Oct-14 16:31:46

We only started putting DD2 down before us this week, she's 8 weeks, and only because she seemed to want to start her night sleep about 730 and, until doing this, she was sleeping till between 1-3am from then (of course that's all changed since I attempted to have time to myself in the evening! ). Yours is still little and tbh I think you just need to do what works best for you and your lo smile.

butterfly86 Thu 30-Oct-14 17:45:14

The 6 month rule is for all sleep including daytime naps babies rely on your breathing to stimulate theirs as they sometimes forget my dd is 19 weeks and still stays downstairs asleep in her basket until we go to bed sometimes she gets disturbed and it probably would be better but I cant bring myself to yet

Imnotbeverley Thu 30-Oct-14 20:23:31

Butterfly86 - there is no evidence as to why it appears to be safer to have your baby sleep in the room with you. What you have suggested as a reason is a theory, not a fact.

All one can do is assess the risks and make a decision based on their individual circumstances. Sleeping alone is just one of many factors found to be present in cases of SIDS. Other factors include low birth weight, smoking, heat, positioning of baby etc.

Not trying to hijack your thread OP, just wanted to point out that a scary comment like that isn't actually accurate and you can make a decision based on your individual circumstances and general recommendations. It sounds to me like you are enjoying some quieter time with your baby so no need to change anything! It's true that tiny babies can't be spoiled smile

butterfly86 Thu 30-Oct-14 20:59:11

Sorry didn't mean it to scare anybody! As you say the decision is yours I personally just don't feel comfortable doing it, I haven't researched the subject in depth just go with the guidelines. All babies are super precious but I suffered multiple losses before my dd was born so am maybe a bit more neurotic than some she is chance to be still in our room when she starts school grin

Imnotbeverley Thu 30-Oct-14 21:27:48

Totally understandable butterfly smile

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