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8 week old sleeps 7/8 hours at a time?

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scrumpy Fri 09-Apr-04 14:08:44

I know there are alot of Mum,s out there that are going to say if only but I have a 8 week old which sleeps from about 8/9 pm until at least 4/5 am and then does not cry but makes snuffling noises in crib I then b/f feed him half asleep usually will not latch on properly and then back to sleep until 7 am is this ok? I am worried that he is going a long time without a feed he feeds more during the early part of the evening then at any other time is gaining weight and is a contented baby, am i worrying unnecessaruly? Also a few minor problems with b/f not latching on as well as in the early days any tips?

twiglett Fri 09-Apr-04 14:10:41

message withdrawn

SenoraPostrophe Fri 09-Apr-04 14:14:13

Scrumpy - you lucky thing!

It isn't a problem - ds does this on a good night and I think he was 8 weeks the first time he did (unfortunately it's not every night for us though)

He also occasionally has latching on problems - usually works if I put him on the other boob (regardless of which is the fullest etc.), but not always. It's a lot better now (he's 12 weeks) so I think you may just have to persevere with that one!

twiglett Fri 09-Apr-04 14:18:58

message withdrawn

frogs Fri 09-Apr-04 21:31:28

Agree with other posters -- not a problem! Enjoy it while it lasts. My dd2 was similar to this and is still a good sleeper.

If feeding lying down, it helps to make sure the baby's lower half is closer to you than the upper half, IYSWIM. You want the baby to have its head bent slightly backwards to come to the boob chin first and not nose first with the chin tucked in towards the chest, if this makes sense.

SEXGODDESS Fri 09-Apr-04 21:52:35

I feel terrible saying this but my dd slept 12 hours from the night before my 6 week checkup and continued to do so for a good couple of years. She first slept about 8 hours at 11 days old.

However my ds didn't!

hovely Sat 10-Apr-04 11:06:32

That accounts for your nickname then SG?

scrumpy Sat 10-Apr-04 12:41:24

thanks for all the replies it has been reassuring to know that there is not a problem, especially as some people previously have suggested waking ds for a feed!!! re nickname I originate from Somerset hence the name.

Fennel Sat 10-Apr-04 12:48:37


My dd1 slept this long most nights from birth, and 12 hours solid a night by 8 weeks. She was always large, happpy and healthy.
Apparently about 10% of babies do sleep this well from birth you just don't hear much about them.

It's not a problem, if they are growing well and feeding enough in the day. I agree with the others, enjoy it and count yourself very lucky.

musica Sat 10-Apr-04 13:34:22

scrumpy, it sounds as if he's doing fine. You're right about some babies needing to be woken to be fed - ds was one like this, but that was very different - he was NOT gaining weight, and was sleepy in the daytime, BECAUSE he wasn't feeding enough. So I had to make sure he did feed enough. But he sounds like he's just happy. Dd slept through from about this age too, and she is fine.

Sounds like you've just got an easy baby. Just keep an eye out to make sure he is getting enough.

stellarmum Sun 11-Apr-04 19:16:21

scrumpy, my dd2 is 10 weeks and sleeps like your ds, and has done since about 6 weeks old, although she goes down to sleep around half six and sleeps until around 4. I found that if I left her she would eventually wake up to feed, but then would find it hard to settle as it was close to morning time, so i find the 'sleepy feed' a better idea!
My dd seems to pack in more feeds during the day, so I don't worry that she's getting enough... she just seems to know what she's doing. I wonder if your ds is the same!

motherinferior Sun 11-Apr-04 19:17:35

Just DON'T tell anyone

stellarmum Mon 12-Apr-04 08:07:58

Bugger! She was up 3 times last night..that'll teach me!

scrumpy Tue 13-Apr-04 17:36:07


had a blip on Sunday night with ds as some maniacs on scooters outside bedroom window blasting horns woke ds up at midnight two hours to return to sleep however back to normal last night went down at 845pm awoke at 6.00am, been feeding like a demon all day!! i dont mind better than through the night, hope you return to normal 2nite.


stellarmum Thu 15-Apr-04 20:33:14

Hurray! Back to normal now, in fact she's now going till about 5am so fingers crossed she'll soon give up and sleep till we all feel ready to get up!

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