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What is your baby sleeping in?

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BadFam1 Thu 17-Jul-14 18:39:22

There are probably a million threads on this so I apologise in advance but during this weather what is your baby sleeping in/with?

My 7 month old is currently in just a nappy and short sleeved vest. He had a sheet in there but keeps kicking it off, so probably more of a hazard than a help.

His gro egg says it is 24.1 so pretty stuffy in here even with little window open.

What is everyone else doing?

CuteLittleToes Thu 17-Jul-14 20:01:38

Same here!

CuteLittleToes Thu 17-Jul-14 20:02:42

That is, my DS also sleeps in a sleeveless vest with thin cotton blanket. Room temperature 24-25 degrees.

HaroldLloyd Thu 17-Jul-14 20:03:22

Vest & sleeping bag only in this weather.

Shortie PJs when it's a little cooler.

He is a hot mess otherwise.

CountBapula Thu 17-Jul-14 20:05:40

Just a nappy with the lowest tog sleeping bag.

Hamnvik Thu 17-Jul-14 20:06:13

Short sleeved vest and 1 tog sleeping bag, its 22/23 degrees here. He won't sleep without a sleeping bag on as he flails about so much he wakes himself up. Might have to invest in a 0.5 tog sleeping bag

mummy2pickle Thu 17-Jul-14 20:21:52

Every evening I find myself asking what to put her in! Her gro egg always says around 24 mark so she is in long sleeved vest with window open slightly. We put a Muslin cloth over her legs after midnight feed as it feels cooler.

Stars66 Thu 17-Jul-14 20:27:08

My 23 month old is in just a shortsleeved vest, is so stuffy in her room although window is open and door to try and get breeze through. May put something over her later, though she always kicks off blankets so I guess she'd do the same with sheets, so don't know the point! shock

BadFam1 Thu 17-Jul-14 20:35:15

Thanks everyone, glad I'm not the only one struggling with deciding what is the best to do grin

He has kicked sheet off again, so think a sleeping bag is needed! Better do some shopping wink

NickyEds Thu 17-Jul-14 20:40:23

Just long sleeved baby grow and no bedding. It's over 24 degrees and stuffy in his room.

ThursdayLast Thu 17-Jul-14 20:44:13

Just a baby gro.
Blankets don't stay on and a gro bag is just tooooooooo hot.

Azquilith Thu 17-Jul-14 20:47:41

Just nappy. In my bloody bed.

Wincher Thu 17-Jul-14 20:48:08

Nappy and 0.5 tog grobag.

SnoozyGiraffe Thu 17-Jul-14 20:49:53

Nappy and a 1.0 tog bag, though I'd use a 0.5 if we had one

Ohbollocksandballs Thu 17-Jul-14 20:55:33

Nappy and a 1 tog bag. We do have a 0.5 but it's currently covered in calpol.

Snowflakepie Thu 17-Jul-14 20:58:22

Nappy and sleeveless vest. He can get out of grobag if he has bare legs as he sticks to it and pops out of the top smile

His room is 28 degrees tonight. No breeze at all, hoping the storms come soon. Our house is lovely and snuggly in the winter but my word, summer is unbearable.

FavaBeanPyramidScheme Thu 17-Jul-14 20:59:02

Just a nappy and he has still got prickly heat shock!

FavaBeanPyramidScheme Thu 17-Jul-14 21:01:01

Why do you all have DC in grobags / clothes? I don't think there's any chance they'll get cold without them. It is far too hot to wear anything!

beccajoh Thu 17-Jul-14 21:03:11

A babygrow and nothing else.

Spanielpuppy Thu 17-Jul-14 21:03:30

Badfam1 you need a muslin grobag. They are great keep them cool but had the comfort of being in their usual grobag.

Mumof3xox Thu 17-Jul-14 21:04:22

Baby gro here

Spanielpuppy Thu 17-Jul-14 21:05:27

Muslin gro bag and just a nappy. Keeps them cool but security of being covered

TheABC Thu 17-Jul-14 21:08:29

Cloth nappy. There is a light blanket, but he has kicked it off. I generally add a t-shirt and fleece blanket, but it is too hot.

TerrifiedMothertobe Thu 17-Jul-14 21:13:36

Nappy and vest. But he's taken for ever to get off to sleep. 24 in his room.

deadwitchproject Thu 17-Jul-14 21:24:08

cotton t-shirt and 1 tog grobag

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