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Life Nest

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Bellyrub1980 Mon 19-May-14 07:00:38

Has anyone heard of Life Nest? It's a type of mattress designed to prevent 'flat head' and cot death

I think there may be other similar products on the market.

I like the idea, but concerned it's not common knowledge if it actually works...

Bellyrub1980 Mon 19-May-14 12:56:16

I've also found another brand called 'sleep curve' any feedback on these mattresses would be great.

Nonnie23 Sun 05-Jul-15 14:26:50

Our DD is just over 2 years now. When she was about 2 months she started getting a flat spot. We did a lot of research and ended up buying a Lifenest. They weren't available in the UK at that time so we imported from the US (at considerable expense). The Lifenest mattress topper has a mesh hammock that distributes the pressure really well and is FDA approved in the US for preventing flathead. In use in US hospitals as well apparently! Anyway, her flat spot disappeared within about 2 months and she has a gorgeous symmetrical shape now.We also noticed she seemed to sleep much longer on the Lifenest. We are big fans. Just had another addiion to the family smile and she is most definitely on a Lifenest. An we stumbled over this on youtube recently.

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