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4 month & 3 year old bedtime routine...

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mrscams Thu 01-May-14 12:52:09

Hi all, I'm new to mumsnet & am looking for some help.

I have a 3 year old son & a 15 week old daughter.
My husband is away every now & then with work, sometimes days, weeks or months- so his part of any routine is very little.

At the moment my DS's routine is
5pm- Dinner
6pm- Upstairs for bath- he plays in his room while I potter about running the bath & DD will sit in her bouncy chair
6:10-6:30- Bath time. If I'm bathing DD aswell I'll wash them both & then I'll get DD out & have alittle drying/massage/dressing station set up on the landing, at the bathroom door so I can still see DS as he carries on playing in the bath. Once DD is dried & dressed she goes in her bouncer again.
6:30-6:40- All into DS room while I dry, dress & read story to DS
6:45- Lights out

I'll take DD downstairs with me & she will usually fall asleep & then I'll take her upstairs around 10pm when I go to bed.

So I'm wondering if I should start a proper bedtime routine with DD & be putting her into her cot once DS is in bed.

Thing is she's not in much of a routine during the day for feeds or naps as I'm always busy in & out most days, so getting into a set nap time would be very difficult. Her feeds are every 4 hours but times vary day to day because she gets up at different times each morning depending on her night.

Any help would be much appreciated grin

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