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Toddler going back to 2 naps a this weird?

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BotBotticelli Sun 20-Apr-14 14:24:51

DS1 is almost 17mo. Around his first birthday he dropped his morning nap and settled into a nice, consistent routine of waking up around 0630, having one nap from 1230 - 1400 ish, and then going to bed around 1845.

However, in the last couple of weeks it's all gone to shit!

At home with me and DH he now wakes up really early (anytime from 0530), and then needs a morning nap for 30 mins around 10, and then has an afternoon nap from 2-3. Goes to be a bit later, maybe 1930. At nursery he sticks to the old 1-nap routine but i suspect largely cos he doesn't have much choice there (that's the routine there, and they keep him awake and stimulated all morning - whereas at home he gets bored and grumpy and wants to go back to bed.....or if we head out to a toddler group he falls asleep on the way there).

Should I try to change this, or just roll with it? he has been pretty ill recently with endless colds and nursery bugs/viruses so I have been thinking he just needs more sleep on his days home with me (he's at nursery 4 days).

It just feels like a step backwards to a younger baby's routine, iyswim?

Bluestocking Sun 20-Apr-14 14:37:54

Doesn't sound like a step backwards to me, just sounds like a tired baby who needs a bit of extra sleep. I would go along with it and probably take the opportunity to have a siesta myself!

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