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Feeling like a terrible Mum

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GwendolynMoon Fri 18-Apr-14 07:50:21

Thank you v much Stercus. Was v hard but didn't breastfeed him all night and he had an unbroken stint in his cot from 11:20pm to 5am which is the longest stretch in months so there was some progress!

StercusAccidit Fri 18-Apr-14 02:37:20

Pulling up a cushion.... Been there with my DS, now five, finished bf when he was 3 1/2.. It was heartbreaking when i made the 'decision' a year before and simply couldn't cope, i ended up (hate to put it this way) stuck for another year, and it made me grotty, tired and resentful of him.

So you are doing entirely the right thing. He will still love you, you're a wonderful mum for doing it this long thanks

I know you don't feel that right now though
<Unmumsnetty hugs>

GwendolynMoon Thu 17-Apr-14 21:57:22

Am downstairs on the couch crying as my DS (nearly 15 months) cries his little heart out because his Dad is settling him back to sleep to try and stop him from waking constantly for a breastfeed.

Tried my best to let things happen more naturally but I have had 15 months of very little sleep and I just can't do it anymore. Doesn't stop me feeling like a monster though. Just needed to share....

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