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Nearly 6month old hates sleep with a passion!

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Ginnytonic82 Wed 16-Apr-14 19:49:29

Help please! My lovely Ds is gorgeous, but he is wearing me and Dh out. We are getting beyond the point of exhaustion.

Basically he hates sleep. The mere hint that it is time for a nap or bed and he begins screaming. He will sleep after being rocked, but not without crying and getting worked up into a frenzy. It's the same if I try to take him for a walk, put him in the sling or drive him about. He always gets upset. He also wakes from naps after 20 mins and wakes several times during the night.

We've spent fortunes on poddle pod, amby hammock, ergo cocoon, gro bags, swaddle blankets. Nothing helps. We have Ewan the dream sheep, white noise apps aplenty and have tried classical music and lullabies.

We moved him to his own room thinking we might be disturbing him, but it's made no change. We measure temperature religiously, and have blackout blinds. We bought a very expensive matress for his cot in the hope it might help. He also has a wedge as advised by our hv.

We have a bedtime routine of bath, massage, bottle, story, lullaby. But he rarely gets through bath without starting to get worked up. We thought he must be overtired and tried increasing the number of daytime naps and bringing bed time forward but it makes zero difference.

He still feeds in the night which is fine, but he's up all hours either crying or laughing. He's been seen by GP and Paediatrician and he is being treated successfully for reflux, but both Drs agree his behaviour towards sleep isn't linked as it doesn't matter how he is lying or being held.

Can anyone please help us improve things for him? We try our best to make sleep time calm and to make him feel secure but he just fights and fights. As I type I can hear poor Dh desperately trying to put him to bed. This situation is really getting us down and we know it's bad for baby as he's grizzling all the time because he's tired! If anyone has any ideas to help relax him or help him get to sleep without crying so much I would be so grateful.

CountBapula Sun 20-Apr-14 16:32:08

How old will DS be when you go back to work? I went back when DS1 was 12 months - by then he was only waking once or twice a night.

Tbh I found being at work exhausted so much easier than being at home exhausted! I worried endlessly about it before I went back, and I was obsessed with the idea that he had to be sleeping through by then. It was actually absolutely fine. I eventually night weaned him at 18 months and he started sleeping through reasonably regularly by the time he was about 2 (though he still sometimes wakes now, he's pretty easy to settle).

My best tip for coping with very little sleep is not to look at the clock when you wake up and not to count how many times he's woken. And prioritise rest over absolutely everything (housework etc).

CountBapula Sun 20-Apr-14 16:34:23

Should also add that we just had DS2 a month ago and he's completely different so far - falls asleep easily, happy, contented - so don't let it put you off having another one wink

Ginnytonic82 Sun 20-Apr-14 21:18:28

Thanks again count. Ds will be 9 months when I go back (I'm a teacher so cheekily going back just before summer hols to get my pay). I am a worrier so I do dwell on things, I know I'll cope at work, and I'm going part time anyway, I'm just a drama queen!

In his usual unpredictable fashion, after a day of nap fighting Ds went down like a dream at 7 and we haven't heard a peep yet. Tonight it's baby Mozart on in the background which Dh insists sounds like horror movie music, but hey whatever works! We shall see how the night pans out.

Thank you so much everyone for your suggestions and moral support.

CountBapula Sun 20-Apr-14 21:42:52

Great stuff - hope he sleeps well tonight.

Good luck with everything.

ElphabaTheGreen Sun 20-Apr-14 22:00:06

OP I went back to work full time in a brand new job when DS was eight months old and still waking minimum of eight times per night - often more. I also have a lengthy drive into work and was sick with worry before going back. But like a PP said, it is actually easier to cope with the exhaustion at work than it is at home. He kept up with those wakings for almost another year and I never once had a day off sick as a result, which I was fully expecting. You really don't need to worry about going back to work and coping.

Also, DS was full time in nursery from the same age and napped better there than he ever did at home, so you don't need to worry about that. The professionals know better than we do what they're doing! smile

Ginnytonic82 Mon 21-Apr-14 12:27:58

Thank you for the reassurance elphaba (awesome username btw). Ds did well last night, 4 wake ups and slept in his cot all night! Which is a huge step.

Today, however he's not had one nap!!!!!!! He's crying and yawning but will not go. We went for a walk, driven him, rocked him all the tricks and nada! Poor Ds sad he's a sorrowful little soul today.

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