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Is there a solution?

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hydeyhi91 Wed 16-Apr-14 16:27:32

Or do I need to keep ploughing on?
My 9month old dd keeps waking 5-10times a night and I don't know why.
She loves her food and eats 3 meals a day, I bf her first thing in the morning and before bathtime and she has formula in a cup throughout the day (doesn't drink much water)
About 5 of the night wakings are due to her losing her dummy
Other times I sit with her and shush/pat her and she goes back to sleep
Other times I have to pick her up and rock her, and last resort bf her.
In the past she has gone a 12 hours without a feed but waking for a dummy repeatedly so I don't think she's hungry which is why I am reluctant to offer a feed straight away.
I'm back at work about 25hours a week now and I'm knackered.

Any suggestions?

carolinementzer Wed 16-Apr-14 18:34:30

Hi there,
It sounds like the dummy maybe a problem, can you get rid of it? It may be difficult for the first few nights but she should get used to it and eventually not need it. I had a similar problem with my daughter who is now 3. She was waking 6-8 x a night and needed the sucking action to get back to sleep - except it was my nipple not a dummy! She didn't need the milk as she'd only suck for a few seconds before nodding off again. As you can guess I was physically exhausted. In the end we just went cold turkey, and after a few nights she slept 9 hours straight, and not long after than she went 12 hours straight and sleeps well now. I blog about my daughters sleep it was so bad - here's the post that may be relevant to you. Good luck and best wishes

LilPeasMama Sun 20-Apr-14 17:28:19

I could have wrote that post myself hydeyhi91
Except my DS is nearly 8months.
He has previously slept 7am-7pm from about 8weeks old and only started having a dummy at 5 1/2 months.
He has just started to sleep on his side and I thought that this maybe the problem, ahh well, goodbye dummy hello earplugs!

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