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Help! 15mth old no longer sleeping at night??

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newbie6 Mon 14-Apr-14 19:32:37

I need help!! My DS who used to a good sleeper has turned into rip wan winkle! Every time I try and put him down in his cot for bed he sits up and cries?? I literally can be over an hour to get him back to sleep. He is often up 3 sometimes 4 times in the night? He eats reasonably well and only has one nap a day or if he has 1 naps, he never has more than 2 hrs sleep or does he sleep after 3pm. Losing the will to live at the moment as working full time too please tell me how to fix this! Have tried leaving him to cry but doesn't seem to work either? Any ideas? Z

ROARmeow Sun 20-Apr-14 14:50:45

No ideas, but sending you some cake and brew

My DD is the same... but she's been like this from birth pretty much. Got worse at 15 months and at 20 months now she's as bad as ever confused

No tips (sorry!) but sending you sympathy and hoping someone wiser comes along soon.

newbie6 Mon 28-Apr-14 19:57:41

Thanks for your reply, thankfully he seems to be back on track again so wondering if it was teeth related? Hope you get a better nights sleep soon also, no sleep us definitely a form of torture!

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