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4 month old waking early, wwyd?

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Chocoholism Wed 02-Apr-14 05:42:26

Previously slept from 7pm to 6/7am (Dreamfeed at 10.30pm and then I go to bed) and she is ff.
Recently started waking at like 4-5am, is this the sleep regression thing or should I tweak her bedtime?
When she wakes should I feed her? Or try get her to sleep to 7 or just wake up for the day?
Any advice very welcome. I know this isn't as bad as some mums but 5 hours sleep a night is slowly turning me zombie like when she was previously doing well

poocatcherchampion Sun 06-Apr-14 19:08:05

yes, feed her and all go back to sleep.

TerrifiedMothertobe Sun 06-Apr-14 19:36:07

Feed her and go back to sleep. Probably hungry. If it's any help my 17 week old wakes at 1am, 4am and 7am. I'm sure your little one will go back to sleep, i would consider 5am a night feed.

Bonne chance!

whereisshe Mon 07-Apr-14 00:57:45

Feed her and let her go back to sleep. DD is 3 months and wakes every morning at 5ish but I just feed and nappy change and she'll go back to sleep for another few hours.

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