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Done to death I know but help help help me get my 2.5 yo to sleep through the night

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Jamjars22 Tue 01-Apr-14 13:21:44

He has always been a horrendous sleeper from day 1. At about 9 months I got strict and got him sleeping through the night for a time. Since then it has been up and down but I have never shied away from doing CC etc. He is now going through some mad phase where he is waking all the time. For a short time it was once a night. I'd go in, give him some water and kiss and then sit with him (back turned no eye contact etc) for two minutes (counting down) then he wouldn't make a fuss and would settle back down for the night. I realise this was maybe a bad thing to do but am pg and exhausted blah blah and was hoping it would pass. It has now escalated to four times plus a night. Last night I left him to it the third time and he moaned/cried on and off for an hour and fifteen minutes. When I went in he was standing up wanting to get out of his cot and I feel awful imagining he was standing up the entire time when I had thought he was lying down going in and out of sleep. He must be so so exhausted at nursery today. He got up at six jolly as can be and we actually had rather a nice hour together. It is baffling to me.

I have tried nap and no nap in the day. Neither have notable impact.

He has always been very tough with CC. When he was small I would do it and he'd cry and cry til he fell asleep then wake again fifteen minutes later with just enough energy for another hour of crying. I also find it much tougher now, now he is talking, asking for me etc rather than just in a blind tired baby rage.

Getting really desperate and so so tired!

Any advice or similar experiences? Or ideas about whether something might be up?

grants1000 Tue 01-Apr-14 16:07:02

rapid return, Dr Tanya Byron. Keep at it, don't crack, it works

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