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Do I have the only non sleeping 15 month old in the world?!

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2children2cats Tue 01-Apr-14 06:07:54

Ds has been up since 4, fell asleep 5 minutes ago and my alarm has just gone off sad. He is our bed whilst dh is in with the 4yr old who wouldn't go to sleep last night.

I am at my wit's end, I cannot continue to function on 5 hours sleep a night. I want to get fit and healthy but I'm too tired to exercise/cook.

I know we probably need to get tough but I am so paranoid about him waking his sister that he ends up in with us most days and I end up relenting and give him his morning bottle at 5am.

The waking at 4 is actually an improvement on last week when he was up for 2.5 hours from 2am, at least I am getting a block of sleep! I'm off work for 3 weeks now (teacher) so feel we should try and tackle it. Any suggestions?

Twobusyboys Tue 01-Apr-14 06:27:46

Well i am in similar position with 2 yo so watching with interest!

tantrumtime Tue 01-Apr-14 07:12:49

No you are not alone.

My DS is 14 months and up somewhere around 11.30, 2.30 then up for the day at 4.30. My DD is 2.9 and up around midnight then 7 for the day. I live in a terrace so we are all very close and as soon as I hear a noise I have to jump out of bed and pounce on whoever is awake to ensure they don't wake the other. I am surviving on between 4 and 5 sleep hours too, am a single parent and working hmm I am wondering if you can die from sleep exhaustion!

DS has always been a shite sleeper, I had a week of him sleeping through just before he turned one and I was getting 8 hours sleep a night, my skin and hair were lovely, I had energy to do fun stuff with them and my house was spotless. At the moment I sit on the sofa at 4.30 sobbing and go to work in crumpled clothes with my hair scraped back. I'm miserable and I don't know what to do.
People tell me to leave DS to cry but he will wake DD up and the walls are so thin it would be cruel to subject my neighbours to that.
I am a horrible shouty mom to my DD who refuses to nap in the day and is so tired by 4pm she becomes difficult and tantrummy and we just battle with each other. I am really not enjoying this at the mo.
My ex should have them one night a week which should of been last night but I ended up with DD who was up 4 times then wanted to get up at 6. FFS.
Sorry, rant over.

2children2cats Tue 01-Apr-14 18:52:01

At least I'm not the only one! Tantrum that sounds really tough. We are also in a terrace and when dd was 1 the neighbours complained about her crying so I have been super paranoid ever since. We are moving to a detached house in September so maybe I should just wait til then...
Currently sat on the floor in his bedroom whilst he throws hi dummy out the cot, it is very tiresome. Dd is not looking tired either even though she has spent all afternoon on the trampoline, at least I have escaped from watching her 'show' for the 4th time!

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