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Co-sleeping to own cot in own room...

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monniemae Mon 31-Mar-14 22:35:45

I just wrote a long, detailed and desperate account of my 6.5mo sleep in the hope of advice. It didn't post confused

Because I am too weary to write again I'll just say briefly - we co-sleep. I feed to sleep. All fine but the baby WILL NOT sleep unless attached to me. I have her 24hrs a day. I just need her to go in her own cot but I'm desperate to avoid CC (she is a hysterical screamer) if possible. Having said that she does sometimes yell to sleep in pram (but on the move). My instinct is gradual retreat but she honestly hysterically screams if I am not holding her.And I don't think a protracted 2month+ solution is for us.

Pls help. Not at breaking point but fast tiring of velcro baby. As is boyf hmm

monniemae Mon 31-Mar-14 22:38:21

Sorry I should add - have read NCSS (early on) and do use white noise etc; try the pantley pull off with ltd / no success. Baby won't take a dummy. Tried sneaking off when she's fully asleep / transferring to cot but she won't stay asleep without me there.

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