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Two girls, one room. Help.

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DawnOfTheDee Mon 31-Mar-14 16:51:25

Ok. I have 2 dd's. DD1 is 26mo. DD2 is 10 weeks.

We are in a 2 bedroom place. At the moment DD1 is in her own room - excellent sleeper. All good. DD2 is in a moses basket in our room. Sleep is ok considering she's only 10 weeks but obviously is still waking for feeds at night.

The problem is dd2 is rapidly outgrowing her moses basket and when that happens she will have to go into DD1's room as there's no room for a cot in our room.

Does anyone have any advice on how to make this transition / what bedtime will look like in this scenario / any help at all whatsoever....!

booksshoescats Mon 31-Mar-14 16:58:48

Nope, but watching with interest. We live in 2-bedroom place and I'm expecting 2nd in Oct/Nov. We definitely won't be moving for at least 5 years and I don't even know if it's a girl or boy yet, but they will have to share a small room. DD is 5, she is not going to be happy!

ThatBloodyWoman Mon 31-Mar-14 17:05:04

I found that there was a bit of a problem with messing around together and getting out of bed to play whem mine were younger -they always had the same bedroom, but it got more problematic when dd2 came out of her cot.

I have always made good use of story cd's.

booksshoescats Tue 01-Apr-14 14:43:20

Bumping! Yes, story CDs - they are already a boon, and I only have one!

DawnOfTheDee Tue 01-Apr-14 15:24:48

Sorry to sound thick but when do you put the story cd's on? When they're going to bed?

Any other suggestions/tips welcome!

ThatBloodyWoman Tue 01-Apr-14 15:26:17

I put them on when they're in bed, to lie and listen to while (hopefully) dropping off.

booksshoescats Tue 01-Apr-14 15:44:00

Yes, I do this with DD. I read her a couple of stories then leave her with her story CD on. She likes the 'company'.

ThatBloodyWoman Tue 01-Apr-14 15:50:25

I also found it was good to keep as few clothes/toys in their room as possible or make them inaccessible as possible.

I never found staggered bedtimes worked too well, so they have pretty much always gone to bed at the same time (18 month age gap).

Artandco Tue 01-Apr-14 15:51:04

We have 1 bedroom so they share with us also. However first 6 months we didn't bedtime routine in bedroom, tucked eldest in and took baby into living room moses basket. So fed/ story etc all together. After that we carried on with routine but put baby in cot also at the same time.

Found much easier as eldest had learn by then to share listening to story/ baby feeding at same time

Wigglyparty Tue 01-Apr-14 15:58:25

Our two shared a bedroom when DD was 2 months and got too massive for her Moses basket. Only place for her to go was DS' room (he was 17 months at that stage). Because they were both in cots it worked brilliantly, we just made sure they were our of arms reach of each other. DD actually slep better there, think DS' rugby prop snores were soothing to her!

They are now 2 and 3 and still sharing. It was tricky when one then the other went into a bed with messing about etc but I just sit quietly in their room after lights outs reading mumsnet until there's no danger of high jinks. They're very close as a result; I love hearing them whispering to each other in the mirn

Wigglyparty Tue 01-Apr-14 15:59:36

*morning (bloody phone) before coming in. I really recommend shared rooms for building their relationship, good luck!

DawnOfTheDee Tue 01-Apr-14 17:12:17

Thank you! Lovely to hear some positive stories!

jaggythistle Tue 01-Apr-14 17:58:29

Mine are 4.5 and 2 and have shared since youngest was 6 months. Luckily oldest is a fairly heavy sleeper and had slept through the many many many wake ups of the rubbish sleeping youngest.

They are also v cute in the morning and I often find oldest has climbed in beside the wee one to entertain him. smile

jaggythistle Tue 01-Apr-14 18:06:19

We also have a small room and I had the cot wedged up the side of my bed til 6 we moved it through.

Kefybaby Tue 01-Apr-14 18:06:44

We have 2 DDs and they could have a room each but they will be sleeping together as I think it is nice for them and easier for us (one set of bedtime stories etc). The challenge will be to move DD2 as she is 1 and still in our bedroom!

poocatcherchampion Sun 06-Apr-14 19:12:59

we've got 2 in together. 2yo and 7mo. dd1 sleeps really heavily. they go to bed well. dd2 wakes up loads in the night and if it is after about 5am she will wake dd1. that is not cool. so I sometimes bring dd2 back into our room. it can be a bit of a mess.....
we will get there!

PS. we are also doing this for "fun" as we have more bedrooms. smile.

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