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5 month old sleep weirdness

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Fetacat Mon 31-Mar-14 16:26:51

DS is 20 weeks and for the last two weeks has been waking every hour in the night. He sleeps in a cot with the side down next to our bed and I will bring him in and boob him back to sleep and so on... I thought this might be the 4 month sleep regression but we just went to stay with family for 3 nights and the little bunny SLEPT THROUGH 12-6 every night! He was in his carrycot on the floor and the house was a lot warmer than ours but our room is 20 degrees at night which seems fair. Any ideas? Do you think his cot is too big and not cosy and would it be madness to move him back into a Moses basket at 20 weeks? Thanks for reading!

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