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What to do when toddler refuses the horizontal

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LooWaterSunset Mon 31-Mar-14 14:07:29

DS (18mo) has suddenly decided to resist bedtime and is also waking again at night. Sleep regression? Fear of the dark? Bad dreams? Separation anxiety? Who knows?

We've had a good run - about 3 or 4 months of bliss. Until recently he has been fine with daytime nap... walk in room, put him in cotbed, put on sleeping bag, light off, walk out, close door. At night he was BFing and then straight to bed, sleeping 11-ish hours per night. If he stirred at night, you could just go in to him, lie him down and walk out again. Sometimes he'd need a light shining into his room, but he'd soon settle.

But now. Yikes!

He totally resists sleep - stands at the bottom of his cotbed, cries and shouts and brings out a new high-pitched-squeal type cry. Nothing will calm him except for granting his request of "up".

I've read suggestions about patting, shushing, calming them to sleep etc but what can you do when he just will not go horizontal? If you have him on your lap he wants to get down onto the floor (where he can run around of course) and if you hold him standing up and rock him he'll happily go along with almost falling asleep on your shoulder, which is pretty hard physically these days. But the very second you lift him over the bars of the cotbed... rigid and crying. I mean... WTF?

Mamabear12 Mon 31-Mar-14 18:35:41

I just do routine, reading etc and then walk out. Half the time my daughter cries for a few mins. I just shut door and that is it. I hate hearing her cry...but after reading five books, singing etc I just have to go and let her sleep. Kids fight sleep. I even tried pushing back her bed time, but same thing and she woke later next day and tired. So it's more of her just fighting sleep. You can't spend hours calming and trying to get your little one to sleep or u will have to do all the time.

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