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3 week old sleeps really well but I've got insomnia!

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PeaceLillyDoge Mon 31-Mar-14 06:12:46

PFB is three weeks old and is a very sleepy baby. Had to be worn to feed during first couple of weeks but is now waking every three hours to feed during the night which is progress.

Between each feed we were all doing pretty well at dropping off to sleep, however the past couple of nights I've only been getting about three or four hours sleep as I cant seem to drop off between the 4am and 7am breast feed. This is despite the fact that I'm exhausted!

Anyone else ever experienced this or have any advice? I'm usually starving and sweating my tits off by this point to but am managing this well by having a late night snack of a banana and wearing loose clothes.

mrswishywashy Mon 31-Mar-14 15:56:49

Argh, thats so annoying when that happens. Best thing, as hard as it is, is not to think about it. That time between 4-7am is classic time to not be able to get back to sleep. A banana and glass of milk might help, have you got a kindle to read or relaxation on Ipod? Also make sure you're taking a nap during the day as if you are over tired it does make it harder to drop off to sleep.

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