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15mo sleeps in strange positions.

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cleoowen Sat 29-Mar-14 22:38:24

I am lucky as my 15 mo has always been a good sleeper generally and will go long periods sleeping 7-7. However, ever since he learnt to roll he moves around so much in his cot.

Recently, he's been waking several times between 7 and 11 and then a couple more in the night. He's been offered teether as he's been teething and milk as he's not been drinking much at his 3 I clock snack time and he wants neither. He does this some nights but not others and I am not sure why. I can't find a difference in why he moves loads or doesn't.

I am thinking it's not his teeth or hunger otherwise he would have taken the teether or milk, right? I think it might because he moves around too much, he sleeps in funny positions, either on his face with his bum in the air or turns himself sideways or has his head right against the hard end of the cot. As soon as I put him down (on his tummy as he just rolls onto it if I try putting him on his back) he crawls forwards and does it everytime I try and pull him back.

He's done this since he could roll at around 6 mo. I thought about cot bumpers but it says you shouldn't use them when they can roll and I worry he would get tangled in them or play with them instead of sleeping.

I thought he would have grown out of this by now but he hasn't. Is it just something every parent has to ride through or is there a solution? He's been doing it for months. Plus some nights he's fine and others he's not.

rootypig Sat 29-Mar-14 22:43:06

Anbesol liquid for teeth, it is the only thing that works.

I post this on every sleep and teething thread grin

Re sleeping position, DD is 17mo and has slept on her face with her bum in the air since 9?mo, she seems to like it so I don't worry. Are you worried about him being (or not being) on his back, because of the SIDS guidance? at 15mo (as I understand it) this is no longer a concern. If it's because he's waking up, not sure - DD used to bounce off the sides of her miniscule cot, we got her a bigger one, that helped.

AnyaKnowIt Sat 29-Mar-14 22:48:44

Dd is 3 now and has always slept with her arse in the air and blanket over her head.

I did take the side if the cot off as she used to bang against it and woke herself up.

cleoowen Sun 30-Mar-14 09:01:38

No not worried about SIDS. It's just because he's waking up a lot. I don't mind how he sleeps I just don't want him to wake up all the time.

His cot is pretty big. Thought about taking the side off and having a guard but thought he was too young and worried because he turns sideways so might fall out.

rootypig Sun 30-Mar-14 09:11:52

Some of my friends have been putting a mattress on the floor with a safety gate across the floor - can't speak to how it works - perhaps another poster will have experience.

On the waking - I would stop offering anything if I were you. He's unlikely to be waking from hunger I would have thought. Maintain the difference between day and night.

Other thoughts - my own reading about sleep on sleep sites has suggested separation anxiety at this age. They wake naturally (as they always have) and can't go back to sleep until they see you. This seems to be the case with DD, who goes back to sleep very rapidly if we appear in her room.

It's so difficult though, DD wakes up screeeaming, and it's hard to discern if it's pain or she's just crying because she's exhausted hmm

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