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From gro bags to pillows and duvets advice please

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Sickandtired14 Sat 29-Mar-14 20:20:22

I have a 20 month old girl. She has never been any good at bedtime. We are currently attempting some sleep training and got it down to a 10 minute non crying she goes to sleep on her own but I'm still in the room!

Anyway, she has always had this decorative pillow in her cot and I've always hung a blanket over the end. But at night she sleeps in a gro bag. Last few nights she has got up, got the blanket and pillow. Put the cushion in top corner, covered herself (abit) with the blanket and put her head on the cushion. (Some nights, like right now, the pillow then becomes a cuddle toy) but I'm wondering if I should take these as cues she is ready to progress onto pillows and duvets and out of gro bags??

If so, does anyone have any advice. Out flat can be quite cold and I'm worried she will kick duvet off and then be cold and therefore wake up, conversely I don't want to over dress her incase she gets to hot..... Thanks in advance

stinkypants Sun 30-Mar-14 16:10:24

Both of mine managed the transition pretty well. I would put an extra thin layer on, eg a vest, and a thin-ish duvet in case she does manage to keep it on. Mine both kicked the covers off a lot at first but soon got better at pulling them back on. I did sneak in and tuck them in a few times but in the morning they would sometimes have cold little feet! Don't recall them waking as a result though.
It's a nice step to take! They also start staying in one place a bit more!
Good luck

rachyconks Sun 30-Mar-14 16:13:03

I gave DD a pillow early on and she slept so much better. We then introduced the duvet at 12 months. She loves it and very quickly figured out how to kick it off if too warm and crawl back under if too cold. I has only served to help her sleeping and never had any problems with being too cold/too warm.

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