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Help trying to get 7 month old to sleep in cot

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Maybe83 Sat 29-Mar-14 07:57:32

Hi all

I have a fab 7 month old dd who has nt had it easy since birth.

We have dealt with silent reflux, she has eczema and suffers from constipation all of which she s on medication for and we are awaiting results of allergy tests from hospital.

Due to all this she has never self settled and I have to lie on bed with her get her to asleep after half 8 bottle make sure she's in a deep sleep and lift her to cot. This could take till 11 if she wakes I have to start all over again.

She then wakes about 1 for feed and so it begins! Some nights she takes 2-3 bottles and won't sleep unless literally attached to me.

I haven't done any sleep training because of everything else going on but I hate co sleeping and she's more mobile she s all over the bed hitting me kicking etc and I'm averaging 3 hrs a night as I don't feel comfortable sleeping even when she is in my bed.

I thought I was just about coping but I made a serious mistake in work this week. Due to exhaustion my brain just isn't functioning properly I realised I'm actually not doing well at all work load is all over place.

I'm beginning to dread evenings as i can't do anything and my 11 dd is also really missing out on time with me. Dh does try to do bed but she just screams for me.

There are so many different sleep techniques I feel a bit lost as what to try because I really don't want her to be distressed but I need to try to change something as this isn't working as it! I'm up since 5 with numerous wakings during the night....

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