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please help! twins getting up too early

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Tinks30 Fri 28-Mar-14 07:59:43

I am an exhausted mum of 28month old twins. We've recently taken one side off of their cot beds.
We got them the sleep training clocks and we reminds them each night that they don't get up until the sun is up etc but they have started getting up around 4am. My partner and I are struggling to cope. He's a police officer and on shifts and as of Monday I'll be a stay at home mum but right now I'm dreading it.
This morning I'm so tired I feel so dizzy.
The other problems I have is that come 10 am they're exhausted and want a nap which a) wipes out our day and b) I've then got to try and keep the awake again until 6:30/7.

I'm not a lazy mum. I do so much with my girls but now that we're all tired no one wants to go out and we're all to grump anyway.

pre cot bed this was our routine. wake up around 6:30/7:00. nap around 12:30/1 wake up usually after about 90 mins or so.
Stay to wind down at 6:00 for bed at 7. This was lovely. I could function on this.

Now it's 4:30/5:00 sometimes earlier wakes up. 10:15 the battle starts to keep them awake.
11:30 relent and put them up for nap. 12:30 awake if not before.
5pm meltdown begins. 6:00/6:30 asleep! This routine is an unhappy one. We're all stuck in doors and I'm generally on my own dealing with 2.

I really need some friendly, is advice


BitOutOfPractice Fri 28-Mar-14 08:03:04

I'd be inclined just to put the sides back on the beds

You poor thing you do sound ground down

Smudge588 Fri 28-Mar-14 08:05:04

We got a gro clock for our DS at about this age where it's yellow in the day time and has blue stars on at night because he was waking far too early and wanting to be up. You program it to tell it when morning is. It really helped him to understand it was still night time when he woke early. Takes a bit of practice but it was one of the best things we bought. Now at 3.5 even if he wakes at 6 he stays in bed until the sun comes up on the clock at 7.

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