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ds is waking up every hour or two.

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beanella Fri 28-Mar-14 06:17:51

He was sleeping really quite well. Going down at 6.30 then waking up once at 3 or 4 and sleeping until around 6, sometimes longer.

He is 6.5 months and started nursery 4 weeks ago. He initially settled really well, then he got tonsilitis, DH then moved out for a week (we are having some big problems) and since then has been waking about 6 times. we introduced a 'dream feed' which seemed to help a couple of times but he still isnt sleeping well.

I go in change 1 nappy and feel him usually about 1ish, he then wakes again and i go in and shush him back too sleep a few times

i often end up bringing him into bed with me as i'm so tired. I'm trying not to do this but feel so exhausted it is sometimes the only way i get sleep!

we managed until 4am today. He was WIDE awake at 4 so came into bed with me and played with his bear for about 45 minutes before falling asleep again.

I am really really tired. DH isnt doing very mich to help although he will give the dream feed sometimes.

I think ds has got used to comng into bed with me so will wake up and call out because i'm not there. I'm also worried that ds is less settled because dh and i have been having a difficult time.

jessthefletch Fri 28-Mar-14 13:38:27

Sorry, no real advice but we are are the same (ds waking multiple times a night, ending up co-sleeping but then he's just feeling away all night quite happy) so just wanted you to know that you are not alone! The past couple nights he's only gone down in his cot for about an hour and then he was fed to sleep. Sorry to hear that your dh is no help.

Is lo teething?

KatAndKit Fri 28-Mar-14 13:56:26

If he will settle in your bed just roll with it for a few weeks so that you are less tired. Hopefully then things with your husband will be at a point where you can talk to him about doing his fair share of the night time parenting. It might be to do with starting nursery, it is fair to expect that he has missed you in the day so wants to stay close to you at night. Do whatever gets you the most sleep for the short term.

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