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3 month old waking every hour - mutual support thread?

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Saralu77 Thu 27-Mar-14 11:23:34


It's my first time posting on here so apologies if I get anything wrong! I know no one will have any miracle answers, TBH I'm not really posting for advice (though any offered will be gratefully received) but for a bit of empathy and maybe mutual support from other sleep deprived parents!
My DS is 3 months old, and over the past 2 weeks has changed from sleeping for reasonably consistent 3 hour stints overnight, to starting with 3 hours from 7-10, then 2 hours 10-12, then 1.5 hours, then only an hour at a time from 2am onwards. He always used to wake quite gently too, waking me by having a bit of a grumble and grunt to himself, but has now discovered a new sound - a loud wailing noise- which he practices repeatedly through the day just for fun, and now uses that with little or no build up in the night to prewarn me. This results in me leaping up, startled, and trying to get him on the breast before he wakes DP, and more importantly my 2 DSSs who have to be up for school!
His daytime naps have become a nightmare too, this morning I spent 45 mins trying to get him down for a nap, following the No Cry Sleep Solution guidance. It took 5 attempts to soothe him and put him down before he didn't instantly start screaming, then that lasted precisely 6 mins. I just managed to have a high speed shower and a wee!
I know he's by far not the worst sleeper around, and keep reminding myself that this is a phase and will pass soon enough, but just thought it'd be nice to get, and give a bit of mutual support before I start weeping from sleep deprivation!

Saralu77 Thu 27-Mar-14 17:49:34


DiplodocusDinosaur Thu 27-Mar-14 17:55:53

My 10 month old is currently wakong every hour for a feed over night, longest he has ever gone is 3 hours. I want to say it gets better, but if it doesn't your body does get used to it. As you say all phases do pass, and ina few months yime I swear you'll almost forget this bit!

Saralu77 Thu 27-Mar-14 20:51:53

Thanks Diplodocus, sorry to hear you're still sleep deprived too though! DS has gone down at 7.30 tonight,hoping for a good 3 hours before first waking. We'll see.....

AuntFlossy Sat 29-Mar-14 07:38:13

My daughter is 11 weeks on Tuesday and her sleeping is rubbish. Apart from the first week or so her nighttime antics have always been pretty bad. I spent several weeks simply sitting up all night long on the sofa until 4am when I would wake my husband so I could go an grab a couple of hours sleep. At one point I was pretty much holding her for 21 hours a day and managing 3 hours sleep in 2 bits.

Thankfully she is now better than that but never goes longer than 3 hours overnight and takes anything from 1.5-3 hours to settle to sleep after a feed. I'm breastfeeding but my OH gives her bottles and last night she kept him up from 12-3 after only settling from 10-12. She was then back up again at 5:30 when he finally brought her into me.

It is getting better slowly but my good nights are what most people would describe as an awful night! I look like I've been punched thanks to the lovely black rings around my eyes.

I just keep telling myself 'This too shall pass!'

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