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Two year old waking in the night and not going back in her cot

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mumsrthebest Thu 27-Mar-14 10:23:45

My DD was two in February and prior to that she was sleeping reasonably well. She usually goes to bed between 7:30pm - 8pm and wakes around 6am - 6:30am. Lately she has been waking in the night and wants to be cuddled and have milk. We usually put her in our bed (I know it's a big no no) and she has some milk to settle her. I then put her back in her cot and she screams the place down. I leave her to cry it out but after 15 minutes but she never gives in so I usually go and fetch her and put her back in our bed. The reason being I don't like to think of her destressed and I am shattered and my hubby and I have to get up on a morning to go to work. I know I have made a rod for my own back but is there any advice you can give me on weaning her off staying in our bed?

She usually naps in the day for approximately one hour.

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