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How will you deal with the clocks going forward?

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starfish12 Thu 27-Mar-14 07:43:03

We don't have a set routine as DS wakes up at a different time each day so I just flex naps and feeds accordingly each day but still it's never by more than an hour so just wondered how people get their LOs to adjust?

CityDweller Thu 27-Mar-14 09:49:21

I think with clocks going forward it's not such a big deal. i.e. baby will be sleeping later, not doing a hideous waking up at 5am thing, on day clocks change. I'll wake DD (1yo) up if she sleeps past 7.15/7.30 and then I'll just put her down for naps at usual time. (In fact, I'm hoping it'll help re-set her as her morning wake ups have been creeping earlier - she used to wake up at 7ish, but has been waking up around 6.15 the last week or so)

Gerty1002 Thu 27-Mar-14 13:11:52

I am naively hoping my DS will magically just be waking at 7am instead of 6am... but I hear the lighter mornings can have them waking much earlier anyway!

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