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Anyone else raging that Spring is on it's way?

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sharond101 Tue 25-Mar-14 21:48:50

How could I forget DS loves the Spring mornings and light coming through the windows. So much so he decides 5.50am is a great time to be up for the day. Back to zombieland for us. We have tried blackout blinds but his room still gets light from the light streaming through the gaps at the top.

malteser17 Wed 26-Mar-14 09:15:53

5.50am? That's positively a lie-in for us! DS has decided that 5.30am is the time to wake up these days! We have a roller blackout blind but I've also got curtains (not blackout although considering changing) so the combination of the curtains and blind do cut most of the light out. Might be worth trying that if you haven't already.

Tory79 Wed 26-Mar-14 09:21:03

Dh taped foil right over the window in ds room. Dark as dark could be!!

Happydaze247 Wed 26-Mar-14 13:16:54

I agree that blackouts alone don't work. We had a gro anywhere blind, blackout lined curtains, and pillow cases over the top of the curtain rail to block 99.9999999% of light out. looks hideous though

sharond101 Wed 26-Mar-14 21:43:49

LIke cooking foil Tory??? I will try anything!

Tory79 Wed 26-Mar-14 22:00:01

Yes just regular foil. He taped it flat to the glass, literally no light coming through at all.

ghostinthecanvas Wed 26-Mar-14 22:05:05

I have used sticky velcro and blackout material. The second you put a needle through blackout material it lets light through. Velcro round the window frame. Other side of the velcro round the material. On and off every day. Cheap too. Totally dark. I got a bit adventurous with wall stickers to pretty it up.

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