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Is 5 months too early to stop night feeds

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Juniorwebb Tue 25-Mar-14 04:56:52

Hi I was just after some advice.

On the weekend we moved DS to his own room (he is 5 months old). What we have found since then is that the first night he didn't wake up at all. Every other night he has woken up between 4.30 and 6.00. When he was in our room he used to wake between 1.00 and 3.00.

As he doesn't cry we have just been popping the dummy in his mouth to get him to go back to sleep.

The doctor said at this age he should be eating 1000ml of milk - he does this during the day over the course of his 5 meals.

Is he too young for us to stop feeding him at night even though he seems capable of missing this meal?

FromagePlease Tue 25-Mar-14 05:14:58

Not an expert, but I would say that if he isn't waking then he isn't hungry, and so doesn't need the feed.

I really wouldn't worry, he is clearly getting enough in the day. Hungry babies rarely suffer in silence!

Mine is 3 months old and goes from 7.30pm to 5am on most nights.

Juniorwebb Tue 25-Mar-14 05:31:46

He does wake up - he just blows raspberries and talks to his toys. This is when we pop the dummy in his mouth and put the sound machine on so he falls back to sleep.

3 months old and sleeping that long already!! Very lucky!

FromagePlease Tue 25-Mar-14 08:59:51

If he's contended in his cot then I wouldn't provide a feed. Honestly, if he is hungry you would know about it! It's a good sign that he can keep himself occupied without requiring lots of attention. Maybe ask the HV next time you see her, to put your mind at ease.

As for our nights, we are just very lucky and they are sometimes hit and miss. I'm fully expecting sleep regression to hit any day soon as everyone warns me!

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