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Moving 1yr old into own room

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OutNumberedByBlue2 Mon 24-Mar-14 07:40:41

Ds2 has just turned 1 & up until now has been in with dh & me for a variety of reasons that have made this necessary. In an ideal world he would have been in his own room from 6 months but things haven't exactly gone to plan.

He's always started the night in his cot & spent the majority of the night there unless he's been poorly & then the only way anyone's got any sleep is co sleeping.

Last night we tried putting him in his own room. It was hideous. It took over 2 hours to settle him, he woke up & was hysterical, ended up with me feeding him in our bed, dh took him back to his room where he slept for 2 hours, woke screaming & then came back into us where he slept firmly snuggled up next to me.

How do we get him to sleep in his own room in the least stressful way possible? I'm due back at work next week & am really worried about unsettling him.


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